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What Will Character Do for my Company? Character’s Value Prop Part 2

July 1, 2020

Character development may be costly to invest in, but we are missing out on the most important things for our companies. This two-part series on the value proposition of character concludes by looking at the benefits of investing in values and purpose integration. Employee engagement during COVID-19 and remote working has become a critical issue for companies, not to mention the innovation, creativity, productivity, and customer retention we need to successfully get through this crisis. Character is an investment that pays off, and this episode helps us add up the value to make the right investment.

Factors affecting employee engagement:


JUST Capital framework:

Firms of Endearment framework: 

Peter Senge on shared vision:

Conscious leadership's effect on brain function:

Patrick Lencioni on trust:

Host: Brent Fessler

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